How it works

Lithium Finance combines wisdom of community with machine learning to provide deep insight into NFT markets.

Why Machine Learning & Community Wisdom?

Main challenge of assessing NFT value is the limited amount of quality data available. Valuation is difficult without sufficient transaction history.

  • Every NFT is unique.

  • Most NFTs are traded once or twice. Many have never been traded since mint.

  • Volatile market makes benchmarking across time and across different NFT even harder.

Our Approach

Machine Learning

Our quantitative models analyze millions worth of trading data to produce a base valuation with the aim to identify situations when Machine Learning may struggle to perform (such as price prediction for rare NFTs without sufficient trading data). In those cases, we supplement machine learning with wisdom from the community.

Collective Intelligence

The protocol incentivizes and aggregates opinion from the community to gauge market sentiment. Inspired by John Maynard Keynes and Richard Thaler, Lithium Finance approaches valuation from a behavioral finance perspective that prices are determined by perception of others.

Get involved!

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