DAO Structure

The Lithium DAO is structured into three main components, a council, forum, and voting mechanism.


The Council is a group of trusted members of the community who have been elected to manage the day-to-day operations of the DAO.

The Council is responsible for the overall governance of the DAO, proposing changes to the DAO, executing on community decisions, and managing the DAO's funds. The Council has power in making decisions on behalf of the community and setting the strategic direction for the DAO.

Composition of the Council shall be a group of [5] individuals who are recognized as leaders in the community. Council members are elected by the community through a voting process, they serve a term of [6] months, and may be re-elected for multiple terms.

Council Members are expected to vote on >90% of all proposals that are approved by the community.


The Forum is the venue for community members to discuss proposals, ask questions, and share ideas. The Forum is moderated by a team of community moderators, who are responsible for ensuring that discussions remain civil and on-topic. It is open to all community members, and everyone is encouraged to participate.

The forum is powered by Discourse, a free and open-source platform that allows for easy organization and moderation of discussions.


The voting process is used to make decisions on proposals. Voting is done on Snapshot, a decentralized platform for voting and decision-making. All token holders are eligible to participate in voting.

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