Earn Rewards

Earn rewards by offering you opinion on NFT prices. Join us in Pricing Quests!

Connecting Wallet to Polygon

  1. Add wallet Currently we support Metamask: https://metamask.io/download.html

  2. Connect wallet to the Polygon network When you connect wallet on https://lith.finance/app, you will be prompted to switch to the Polygon network. For instructions on how to add Polygon to you wallet, please refer to https://wiki.polygon.technology/docs/develop/metamask/config-polygon-on-metamask/

Getting your $MATIC and $LITH(Polygon) ready

  • Lithium Finance is currently built on Polygon. $MATIC is required for gas.

  • Both tokens are available on major exchanges.

  • If you already have $LITH on the Ethereum network, you can also bridge them to Polygon.

Earn by joining Pricing Quest

Go to https://lith.finance/app, connect your wallet, pick any Pricing Quest.

  1. Select a Pricing Quest

  2. Share your pricing insight

    • Each quest includes multiple rounds of pricing. Each round will include 5 NFTs to be priced.

    • Each NFT, input two price estimates, Price to Buy & Price to Sell. (Tips: check out the rarity, traits, machine learning price prediction, and sales history.)

    • Finally, stake $LITH/$MATIC to signal your confidence. The more you stake, the more you will earn when you win. You will get back all stakes at the end of the quest.

  3. Price More to Boost Winning Chance

    • Your stake applies to all your NFT pricing in a Pricing Quest!

    • Work on more NFT pricing to boost your chance to win without further cost or stake.

Announcing Result and Claim your Reward

  • Check the result in My Submissions after the quest ended.

  • You can claim your original stake and reward in $LITH & RP if any.

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